To provide a balance of professional and general education and to enable a student to become a professional nurse practitioner who has self - direction and is a responsible citizen.

More nurse specialists with higher level of education ready to work in the clinical educational administration and in research areas are our future vision.

To impart education and practical training accepted worldwide. To create a pool of competent nurses.


To provide the knowledge base, empathetic attitudes and practical skills which are necessary to practice modern medicine.

To build the character and skills of our doctors to encourage their growth into well rounded, caring human beings.

To build and operate a hospital/hospitals that offer high quality, low cost medical care to underprivileged sections of society.

To provide an atmosphere that fosters the academic growth of faculty members and facilitates scientific research..

To empower the personal growth of all employees, and promote their physical, social, economic and psychological well-being.

To make a positive contribution for the betterment of SC and ST people by opening up new avenues for them to find better slots in the social hierarchy.


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